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Filing a Complaint

Any citizen, litigant, attorney, law enforcement official, judge, public official, or other individual who has knowledge of possible judicial misconduct may file a complaint with the Commission. Complaints may also be filed anonymously. Additionally, the Commission may file a complaint on its own motion based upon matters it learns of in other ways, such as from mass media and information obtained during the course of an investigation.

All complaints must be submitted to the Commission in writing. The Commission does not accept oral complaints. You may use a complaint form or write a letter to the Commission. A complaint form filed with the Commission should be typewritten or printed so that it is easily readable.
A complaint form may be obtained by filling the complaint out online, downloading it from this website or by emailing the Commission office to request that a copy be sent by email, fax or U.S. mail. Additionally. All complaints must be submitted to the Commission office electronically, by fax, U.S. mail, or any mail service. The Commission does not accept hand delivered complaints to the Commission office. The Commission staff cannot provide legal advice or guidance in filling your complaint. Nor can the Commission staff assist you in filling out your complaint. 
The complaint form submitted to the Commission should contain all of the information requested on the form. This form can be submitted online or downloaded from this website. Please be sure to include a detailed description of the behavior you believe to be misconduct. Also include the names, dates, places, addresses, and telephone numbers that will assist the Commission in its evaluation of the complaint. Additionally, you may attach any documentation and/or evidence you believe may be pertinent, such as court documents, witness statements, correspondences, audio/video tapes, etc. Please do not send originals. Additionally, please include the names of any witnesses that may be able to substantiate the allegations contained in your complaint. The complaint all attachments become property of the Commission and will not be returned.  

In accordance with Section 177A of the Mississippi Constitution of 1890, all proceedings before the Commission are confidential unless and until a recommendation for discipline or retirement is filed with the Mississippi Supreme Court. Confidentiality attaches upon the filing of the complaint and shall include all records, files, and reports of the Commission.

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